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7 Minute Work Out Apps- Pros and Cons

If you have a smartphone, you may have run across the new 7 minute work out apps.
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12 exercises that are designed to work all major muscles and don’t require equipment except a chair and a wall. The theory: Get fit in less than the time it takes to cook a pot of pasta.

But let me ask first, do you work out every day? And if not, do you think you can squeeze in a mere 7 minutes to do so? That is the thinking of the developers. Who doesn’t have 7 minutes, right?

I did a 7 minute work out yesterday to check it out. It did my upper and lower muscle groups but it’s not what I’d want to do every single day. Maybe once a week, possibly twice.

And how much of a difference can 7 minutes make in your fitness level anyway? Well, if you work out ZERO minutes a day now, then it’s 49 minutes a week more than that! And if you can double that work out, by doing it once in the AM and once later in the day, 7 days a week it can be over an hour and a half a week, which can certainly tone your muscles, add a bit of strength and possibly help you to lose a drop (meaning not much) weight. The ACSM actually recommends you doing the 7 minute work out several times which, then of course, is more than 7 minutes and equals about the 20 minutes a day -the amount of minimum recommended exercise an adult should get. But even if you add in just one 7 minute work out , after, say a 20 or 30 minute walk, it definitely will hit some muscle groups that walking doesn’t. It just can’t hurt.

However, after a while you will find it repetitive. So you WILL have to do some different things to add more intensity to your work outs. Definitely consider cardio 3-5 times a week, like brisk walking, jogging, kick boxing, etc. in addition to muscle toning and strength building exercises. Or add hand weights once these get too easy for you. You may be huffing and puffing in the beginning, but with time, you’ll actually find them fairly easy.

If you are interested in downloading a 7 minute work out, on iphone in the health and fitness category search for these FREE apps

7 minute work out – Bytesize

7 minute work out -UOVO

7 minute work out -Engine Lane

7 minute work out -Ivory consulting

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On Android:

Scientific 7 minute work out by Appuccino LLC

7 minute Full work out- Manatlan

I also have used free ones on my kindle called daily cardio work out, daily leg, daily leg, daily arm, daily abs.These particular ones give you an option to work out for 5, 8 or 10 minutes and provide a bit more variety than the 7’s in my opinion especially if you alternate days.

So to sum it up:


  • fast workout
  • works many major muscles
  • free
  • can do it anywhere
  • no equipment needed


  • limited exercises
  • not enough variety
  • can get boring
  • too short to get fit?

*As always, check with your doctor. This article is not intended to replace medical advice.


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