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7 Health and Fitness Instagrammers You Should Be Following

I wouldn’t call myself a fitness expert by any means, I just like fitness and I work out.

If I was an expert I’d probably have abs, but I don’t. I have been a part of this scene long enough to know how to spot someone who knows what they’re doing and wants to share the fitness love + some useful information vs someone who’s in it for other reasons.

Like butt selfies.

Now, I’m not knocking all butt selfies, I’m just not a fan of those accounts that post a butt selfie for every other pic. We get it, you have nice hams. Moving on.

I personally appreciate the fitness accounts that limit their butt selfies, give good information and share workouts with good explanations as to the why and how. Bonus points if they’ve got kids because I’ve got three and that’s relatable. I do not play with those fitness grammers who don’t know their way around a stretch mark or hemorrhoid, or what it’s like to try and work out with kids around, because those things are my truth and I want to hear real talk about that

The internet is a big place and that’s a lot of butt selfies to sort through before you find the people you can really get behind (see what I did there), so I sorted through my Instagram feed and found my favorites to share because I’m nice and my butt is broken.

My loss, your gain.

I took a ghetto screenshot all of these accounts of my personal Instagram. You can track my battery progress in the upper right corner. I live on the edge!

1. @jillkfitness

@jillkfitness – Full disclosure: Jill is a good friend of mine and I like her outside of the interwebs. She’s also a kick ass trainer with 4 kids who knows her business and doesn’t come off as holier than thou or pushy. She posts quick and super targeted workouts, hosts free challenges, and offers monthly subscription based Fit Blasts which are super affordable (think $15). These include a month’s worth of workouts you can do either at home or at the gym, nutrition tips and ideas, and access to a private Facebook support group. Plus, Jill writes the best captions in all the land. She’s pretty great, find more info on her Fit Blasts here.

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2. @liftlikelindsey

@liftlikelindsey – Lindsey Valenzuela is a 4x CrossFit games athlete, coach, and gym owner. She’s also a new mom who has been pretty open and raw about her fight to get back into competitive shape after pregnancy and gaining 85 lbs. Bodies aren’t rubber bands, and bouncing back isn’t a thing. As far as inspiration goes, Lindsey’s story is a pretty powerful one. I’m into it.

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3. @elisesbodyshop

@elisesbodyshop – I maybe love this girl, because she is a badass. What I love most is that she’s always got her game face on, she knows.her.stuff., and leaves out the desperate display of sex appeal that I see on a lot of fitness accounts on the Instagrams. She’s here for the work and the grind and that makes me feel RESPEEEEECT. Also, she doesn’t shame anyone or come across as holier than thou or smug. She posts some of the most simple, targeted workouts and has a killer YouTube channel you can find HERE.

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4. @hungryfitness

@hungryfitness – Michaela is local to me. I started following her after she had twins and was on the road back to fighting shape for the first time. Then she found out she was pregnant again, surprise! She’s not shy about sharing the way pregnancy has changed her body or how she makes time for her workouts, while juggling 3 kids 3 and under. Plus, she’s a former NCAA track and field athlete and a region qualifying CrossFit competitor. Pretty bad ass. She’s also got some super useful nutrition tips and insight and offers meal plan coaching, you can find her website HERE.

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5. @eakinwale

@eakinwale – Elisabeth is a 5x CrossFit games athlete turned trainer and advocate for strong women everywhere. She’s also a single mom and is spreading the good word of self love and finding your own strong. Her message of valuing your body for its strength and abilities rather than focusing on aesthetics is the war cry I feel like shouting from the roof top. Sure, she’s ripped like Arnold and has abs you could wash your clothes on, but she’s not out there saying that you can have those same abs if you just do this or that, or that abs are even something you should aspire to in the first place. She’s saying you need to find your own strength and appreciate your body for what it’s capable of instead. Hells yes, sister.

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6. @muncher_cruncher

@muncher_cruncher – This feed was recommended to me by a friend and I’m glad for it, she posts simple workouts with in-depth explanations, plus easy recipes and nutrition tips. She’s got a degree in Exercise Science and a list of training certifications too. I love a woman who knows her business and shares that knowledge with the rest of us, find her website HERE.

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7. @biceps.after.babies

@biceps.after.babies – I found Amber a few months ago when I first dipped my toes into the world of counting macros. If you’re not familiar with what that means, it’s basically the approach of breaking your food into three major groups (protein, carbohydrates and fats), and eating a certain amount of grams in each of these category based off your body weight and nutrition/performance goals. It sounds like a lot of work, and at times it is, but it’s also the most effective way to make sure you’re eating right to give your body enough fuel to perform its best. Amber breaks counting macros down to make it as easy to understand as possible and I’ve gotten some of my favorite tips and go-to recipes from her. She also posts some basic workouts and offers macro coaching too.

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Bodies are so different and if you’re following someone because you wish you looked more like they do, you should probably re-examine your motivation. Follow someone because they share good content, have an inspiring story, and maybe help you make a healthier choice today and the days going forward. Look past the butt selfies and full length gym mirror poses, and look for a little substance instead.

I obviously favor the accounts that focus on functional strength vs. aesthetics but that’s my personal preference. I’d rather be strong than skinny any day of the week.

Share with me yours, who am I missing?


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