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5 Workouts You Can Do From Your Living Room

I’m here to help you be more successful with those fitness goals you’ve been wanting to tackle.
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I myself am a victim of failed resolutions. Years of giving up repressive diets, difficult workouts and lots of shin splints. No more.

I finally figured out the key for me. If I like what I’m doing, I’ll keep doing it. That’s when I found hip-hop and zumba. There is something about shamelessly shaking my booty, feeling empowered by Beyonce and sweating that I thoroughly enjoy. I found the perfect instructors, times that worked for me, and finally, for the first time in my life I was successful in my fitness goals for the year.

But those instructors retired, my schedules shifted and I found I wasn’t sweating as much as I used to. That is when I found The Fitness Marshall. There is something incredibly endearing about this goofy, toned, upbeat and excited fitness instructor. He doesn’t push, doesn’t talk calories and is really there just to have a good time like you are. His music is spot-on and I find myself shaking my booty throughout the day because the music gets stuck in my head. I have yet to find someone that hasn’t enjoyed working out with him-I’m telling you, it’s the best.

The best part? The Fitness Marshall is on Youtube and is completely free, your workout can be as long or as short as you want, and you can do it where-ever (including the privacy of your bedroom or living room). I am obsessed.

My favorite warm-up:

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One of my favorite routines (you’ll notice his Grandma is one of his back-up dancers):

Another Beyonce + Gaga!!


And my favorite cool-down:

Oh Miley…you know how to cool me down. I hope you guys love him as much as I do-and good luck with your fitness resolutions in this new year!


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