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3 Ways I’m Working on my Postpartum Fitness

I feel like I’m finally on the mend from a difficult pregnancy
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And ready to start working on my postpartum fitness, but figuring out where to start has been hard! I had just started being dedicated to exercising before I got pregnant and was unable to work-out during my pregnancy because of health problems, so I’m weak! After doing some research and getting started, this has been what is working for me so far.

1. Starting Easy

Mama on the Mend has a fantastic article about easing back into postpartum fitness and exercise. I had a particularly difficult pregnancy that has left me very depleted and weak, so starting with these easy stretches has been ideal. The stronger I get the more I want to continue with more yoga in my life. Not only does yoga help me physically, but I notice a huge difference in myself mentally when I take the time to meditate and focus on my breath.

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2. Walking

I used to subscribe to a fitness magazine and I quickly noticed a pattern in every real life story they featured. Every woman’s fitness journey started with one simple thing: walking. It seems too easy, but it really is a great way to start getting back in shape. Walking is amazing too because it gets me and my new baby outside in the fresh air. I’m amazed at how much lighter my day goes if I get outside and walk.

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Having a new shiny, easy to use jogging stroller has all by itself made a huge difference for me being able to easily go exercise (you can check out my review here).

And a Bonus from Dare Bee:

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3. Make it Fun

I’ve written about my love for the Fitness Marshall before. He’s amazing. I’m still working up to doing most of his routines because they.are.intense! I love that I can do this from home with my newborn bouncing in his chair watching me. Hip-hop cardio is something I really enjoy doing, and that’s why it will ultimately be effective. It is so important to find enjoyment in your exercise, it’s the only way I’ll stick with anything in the long-run!

What worked for you starting out after a baby? Comment below!