14 Healthy Trader Joe’s Picks For Counting Macros!

14 Healthy Trader Joe’s Picks For Counting Macros!
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My love for all things Trader Joe’s runs deep and true, and even deeper for the quick and easy, HEALTHY Trader Joe’s groceries I can pick up. I dunno why because every store is basically the size of a 2 car garage, and let’s not even talk about the kid size carts, those things are the devil’s tool.

Aside from all that, I love Trader Joe’s for their healthy items, convenience items and snacks, especially when it comes to counting macros.

I hired a nutrition coach and started learning how to count macros late last year after I qualified for a national level Olympic Weightlifting competition. I needed to shed a few kg I had accumulated over the past year of lifting heavy both in the gym and with a fork, and wanted to really amp up my training with the right fuel too. 

Counting macros was the answer and surprise! Turns out there are so many macro friendly, healthy Trader Joe’s items to be had, it’s a bit a goldmine really. If you’re on the macro train, you might want to hit up your local Trader Joe’s and pick up anything from the list below to make your macro life much easier.

Nutritional info included, because I’m super nice like that.  

Macro Friendly, Healthy Trader Joe’s Favorites

Reduced Guilt Chunky GuacamoleServing size: 30g/30 calories. Macros: .5gP/2gC/2g/F

Located in the refrigerated section by the dips and salsas. Avocados are basically nature’s manna, but the fat content in just one can wreck someone’s fat numbers for their entire day if you’re not careful. This delightful guac from TJ’s is made with Greek Yogurt and tastes friggin’ delicious too, and the numbers give me heart eyes. Warning: you need to eat after opening pretty fast, it goes bad pretty quick.  

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Serrano Salsa FrescaServing size: 30g/10 calories. Macros: 0P/1C/0F

Located in the refrigerated section by the dips and salsas. A little spicy but a freaking tasty and guilt-free addition to pretty much whatever. Scrambled eggs, salads, you could even use it as a marinade or topping on chicken, fish, pork or steak. 

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Jarred Pineapple Salsa – Serving size: 30g/15 calories. Macros: 0P/4C/0F

Gimme all the pineapple salsa! Lots of flavor for minimal carbs, go ahead and slather it on everything with my blessing. 

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Reduced Guilt Pita Chips – Serving size: 28g/99 calories. Macros: 3gP/15gC/2.5F

Who doesn’t love pita chips? This reduced guilt option gives great crunch and a reasonable serving has a pretty minimal impact on your day. 

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Uncured Turkey Bacon – Serving size: 56g/60 calories. Macros: 12gP/0C/3F

Turkey bacon is my tasty little protein packed secret weapon. Compared to regular bacon it has half the fat and a comparable amount of protein. This stuff from TJ’s is thicker than most other brands and has slightly better macros too. 

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Riced Cauliflower and Broccoli- Serving size: 200g/55 calories. Macros: 4gP/10gC/0F

If you’ve counted macros for any amount of time you know what VOLUME means. Whelp, here’s an easy way to add more volume to your day: riced cruciferous veggies. Toss these into literally everything to add more substance to your meal. Use in place of rice/quinoa for a carb friendly option, sautée with some seasonings for extra flavor and eat as a side, add to scrambled eggs…the options are many. Plus there are tons of recipes that call for cauliflower crusts and this pre-riced version cuts out a huge part of the process. Easy peasy. 

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Sweet Potato Ribbons – Serving Size: 1.5C/90 calories. Macros: 2gP/22gC/0gF

The worst part about sweet potatoes is cutting them up, they’re so freaking hard! No more with this handy pre-sliced container. I love them in ribbons because they cook fast and you can prep them a million different ways. Toss them in with ground turkey or beef, sauté them up with eggs, do whatever you want! 

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NonFat Plain Greek Yogurt – Serving size: 227g/120 calories. Macros: 22gP/7gC/0F

Plain Greek yogurt is a staple in the macro counting diet, it’s high in protein and low in carbs. This version just so happens to be creamy and delicious as opposed to runny and weird. Use it in dips/desserts, whatever. 

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Taco Seasoning Mix – Serving size: 3g/10 calories. Macros: oP/1C/0F

Seasonings can be a deal breaker for macro counters, luckily this one has great flavor and is way more macro friendly than other brands. 

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Guilt Free Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip – Serving size: 28g/30 calories. Macros: 1gP/2gC/2.5gF

More Greek Yogurt goodness, this dip is a lifesaver. Pair with the guilt-free pita chips for tasty times!

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Uncured Chicken Hot Dogs – Serving size: 1 dog/60 calories. Macros: 9gP/1gC/2.5gF

These are nitrate free, high in protein and looowwww in carbs and fat. Didn’t think hotdogs could be macro friendly, but TJ’s is here to prove you wrong! 

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Sprouted Multi-Grain Bread – Serving size: 43g/90 calories. Macros: 5gP/15gC/1gF

2 slices of this bread = 1 slice of other bread. 2 slices is better than one, the math checks out. I will warn you that sprouted bread goes bad way faster than regular bread and it’s best to keep it in the fridge which can dry it out a little.

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Reduced Guilt Chicken Salad: Serving size: 1/4 cup. Macros: 8.5gP/1.5gC/1.8gF

Chicken salad is normally loaded with fat thanks to all that mayo which would blow your macros off kilter in one shot, but this guilt-free version is decidedly more friendly and super convenient too.

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Chile Lime Chicken Burgers: Serving size: 1 patty/150 calories. Macros: 19gP/3gC/6gF

These take those boring frozen chicken patties next level. Burger patties like this are some of my favorite foods to have on hand because they cook fast and easy and the macros are super friendly too. 

Trader Joe’s has my friggin’ heart for a lot of reasons, but also for having so many macro friendly convenience items on hand. I basically just hand over my wallet as soon as I walk in the door. Take all my money, TJ’s, go ahead and do it. 

Macros, man. There’s a million different ways to do it. May this healthy Trader Joe’s list help light your way!

***If you’re interested in the process or curious about what counting your macros entails, I recommend starting here and here.