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11 Things I Keep Stocked In My House for Flu Season

I like to be prepared.
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I’m not trying to get all viral outbreak up in here, but there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a sick kid and not having what you need.

Here’s a list of our “medicine cabinet must- haves”:

Clorox Wipes

Costco sized. When sickness hits we run over doorknobs, sink handles, anything applicable in the radius.

Throw Up Bags

I’m done rinsing out throw up bowls. It’s gross. There’s always a splash factor. I always feel like I’m just spreading 1 billion more germs by doing that clean up hustle.

The formal name for these genius little bags is “Emesis Sack” which is the really nice way of saying “Vomit Sack”. The ring around the top is the perfect size for little (or big) faces. These can be thrown directly in the garbage. Done.

You can get 24 of them on Amazon for about $10.

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Stock Up on Standards

Can I level with you? In the very back of my irrational mind I envision a massive flu outbreak and that everyone has bought the pharmacy out of what I need. This is the stuff I buy for the cupboard in Costco sized bottles:

  • Motrin
  • Tylenol
  • Vitamin C
  • Cold Meds

All Natural Hand Sanitizer

The best? Cleanwell All Natural Hand Sanitizer. Get the ICK off your hands without wiping out the good germs on your hands too. BONUS: the scent is AMAZING! The spray format lasts FOREVER.

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Also. Let’s be honest, your kids have been dipped in the hard stuff all day at school. We all need a natural alternative.

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Essential Oils

Everyone’s got a magical story about healing oils. Our family? We just think they make things smell better. A few drops of lavender on the kids pillows? It’s just one more thing we can do to help them feel more comfortable.


We stick with the berry flavors.

I know it’s like the most counter intuitive thing to put in your belly to make you FEEL BETTER, but it’s our go too once tender tummies feel like eating again. I’m not quite sure of the science. It coats their tummies with gelatin? Provides a quick rush of glucose to the brain and body? All I know is it’s easy to keep down (and if it comes back up, it’s not so bad either).

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The stuff that’s meant for other places. Yep – it works wonders for chapped noses, upper lips, and cheeks. Our favorite!

Vicks Baby Rub

Great for congested kiddos. I use the “baby” formula on my kids because the regular is too strong and the vapors bother their eyes. 

Saline Drops

Perfect for loosening crusty noses. A few drops and a kiddo can blow everything out of their nose in the morning. Helps with “bat in the cave” situations. 

Neti Pot

Dudes. Have you done this? This is a sinus infection GAME CHANGER. We’ve even got our kids (over 10) to give it a shot. The younger ones? That’s a tough battle. 

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup

I know. Chicken noodle soup from scratch is soooooo much better. I agree, HOWEVER, when I’m at my absolute, puke my guts out sickest (I had to have an IV last year) and I’ve had it up to HERE with gatorade, water, saltines, and toast…this is a magic elixir that makes me feel human. I keep it in my pantry at all times, just for when someone gets sick. 

What in your medicine cabinet?



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