10 Day Real Food Challenge

My 10 Days of Real Food Challenge Bracelet Arrived
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Had you heard of it? No? Me neither until I came across recipes on Pinterest for the 10 Day Real Food Challenge.

Basically, it’s cutting out all processed food. You can still have dairy, unsweetened yogurt, cheese, and meats in moderation. For the grown ups, we’re allowed coffee (no sugar or cream), wine and beer. FYI – that last part really got me on board.

I simply went to the site and made a pledge to the program. After the end of my 10 days (I’m currently on Day 10), I get a bracelet for successfully completing Real Food Challenge.

The first four days took some time getting used to – I was lethargic. After day five, I was ready to conquer this challenge.

It took me two hours to cook my food for the week, but thanks to this challenge, I’ve been re-introduced to vegetables, fruits and cooking. I’m trying to get the entire family on board and making little changes. Among these are making family trips to the grocery store and having fun with purchasing our organic food.  And though this is not permitted within the challenge, the girls loved the organic products like Gummy Bears and ketchup.

Are you ready for a change? Take the challenge. Make a commitment to healthy eating.

– Cool Playground Mommy