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This week my girl will turn four. For her third birthday last year, I attempted to make her birthday cake from scratch. Actually, her birthday cake was the last in a long line of scratch cake attempts that failed miserably. In 2009 I churned out scratch cakes, right and left, each one more disappointing than the last.

I have since become a cake-ordering ninja. Want to order a great cake in Utah? Leave a comment, I’ll hook you up.

However, thanks to Helen Jane, I think I may be able to make my girl a birthday cake with my own two hands and oven. Check out Helen’s Yellow Cake mix here.

Image via Helen Jane

Image via Helen Jane

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Helen Jane

I love to see how other people embrace food and host a great party. Helen Jane’s blog shares her lovely life in Napa Valley —the bocce ball games (and accompanying food), the get-togethers (and the accompanying lessons learned), the cute kids (who doesn’t love a cute kid) and Helen’s great sense of humor and laid-back perspective on entertaining.

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