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Why Going Organic is Not a Trend

Some people think organic is only for young, modern hippy types or crunchy “green” granola moms.
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Or that it’s a passing trend. Oh, but it’s definitely NOT!

Mirriam -Webster defines organic as :

grown or made without the use of artificial chemicals; not using artificial chemicals; of, relating to, or obtained from living things.

So, really, organic is not NEW at all, but rather the way things were for thousands of years.

Organic is simply the way NATURE INTENDED FOOD AND PRODUCTS TO BE. And it’s the way we ALL should be living. It’s Mother Nature’s garden.  Sadly, factories have taken over  and are using all those artificial chemicals that are questionable at best and dangerous at worst.And then there’s GMO’s(but that’s a whole different article). Making small changes in your shopping and lifestyle may make a big difference in your families health, not to mention you will join forces with everyone working to help the earth,our crops, our health and our future in general. Plus you will just plain feel good about it.

Years ago, I started reading and researching and switching to a more natural way of living for my family.  I started buying more organic foods. I started seeking out natural remedies and natural skin care. Now I’m a crazy label reader and we all should be. Organic pertains to so much more than food. It’s skin care ,it’s cosmetics, it’s body products. Heck, you can even get organic t-shirts (so soft and not even expensive) and organic sheets (These are on my Christmas list!)

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My journey into using natural products led me away from a direct sales company I was with for 10 years and to a company that really ignites my fire …that makes me so passionate about living green, using wildcrafted, safe, effective organic products on our bodies and in our home and experimenting more and more with essential oils. Every household should have AT MINIMUM lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Can you believe they have dozens of proven therapeutic uses? We are a bit addicted to lavender around here and spray it on sheets and pillows to lull us into dreamland at night. I use it for headaches too.   Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic properties that kill bacteria on the skin or surfaces, works on acne and foot fungus as well. Peppermint is GREAT for the winter months.

To get started onyour journeyinto more natural living and buying more organic products, here’s a few tips that will help you.

  • Buy at local farmers markets, organic farms and farm stands. Not only does this reduce the travel time of your food,most likely these smaller farms use way less pesticides. and you can even get to know the owners and talk to them about their farming methods. Plus you are supporting your local community. If you’re coming to the North Fork of Long Island,head over to Garden of Eve Organic Farm
  • Use coupons to try out new organic foods. You can print them at Mambo Sprouts
  • Use skin care that ischemical free, safe and effective. If you are pregnant or have a baby, this is so important!  Wish I knew then what I know now. Learn. Read. Consider the fact that you have just one body and worship it as best as you can.
  • Use natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda. Use homemade or natural organic insect repellants.
  • Get excited about cooking again- My last lunch excited me; sauteed peppers and garlic on organic brown rice with a touch of Bragg’s amino acids and a sprinkling of parmesan.  Or how about  garlic roasted brussel sprouts? When you start eating healthier and start choosing skin care without the “bad” stuff in it, I’m telling ya- you will just FEEL so much better about yourself and most likely feel better about LIFE in general.Andyour cooking may actually become an exciting and bigger part of the day-when you put extra effort and care into choosing healthy foods and local produce.
  • Read books about healing foods.
  • Consider shopping online. Some sites, like Vitacost, offer organic foods at a price even better than your local stores. Or if you don’t live near a health food store, at least you can order items like organic pastas, rices, snacks, condiments,,cooking needs, etc online and still get your produce locally. Vitacost offers $10 off your first order of $30 or more and shipping is lower than what you’d pay for gas to head out or free.I’ve been shopping this site for years.They have gluten free, non GMO and a lot more. Great for supplements, omegas and homeopathic remedies too.

And most importantly, enjoy the journey into the world of living a little closer to the way Mother Nature intended.

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* farm photo courtesy of Garden of Eve Organic Farm, Riverhead, NY


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