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Whole Wheat NO RISE Pizza Dough

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite meals to make but it takes hours for the dough to rise.
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When I’m craving pizza I’m not waiting hours to crush the craving! Normally, I would pick up the phone and order a pizza for delivery but my family would live on pizza if I’d let them, which would not be good for our waistlines or wallet.

I will admit I have tried several homemade pizza dough recipes in the past and they have always came out bland and rubbery. A year ago I found a recipe on that would take my household’s love for pizza to whole new level. Not only was the dough made with Whole Wheat Flour but it requires no rise time–can it get any better!? I did add my own touch to the recipe by adding spices to the dough and mixing the ingriedients by hand instead of a mixer.

Here’s what you need:

1 packet of active yeast2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp sugar1 tsp salt1 cup whole wheat flour1 1/2 cup white flour1 cup very warm waterStart by combining Sugar, Yeast, and Warm Water in a bowl. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to activate the yeast, it’s ready when small bubbles form.

Next, add the olive oil, salt, and both flours (at this point I added garlic powder and dried basil) using your fingers combine till a ball forms. Flour your counter surface and knead till a smooth ball forms. I’m lazy and I hate messes so I just threw some flour into the bowl and kneaded the ball in the bowl. It worked just as well : )

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Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and let the ball rest for about 10- 15 mins. (Hey, it’s better than 2 hrs!). Roll out the dough on a greased pizza pan and dimple the dough with your fingertips, drizzle with Olive Oil and bake for 10 mins. ** I love my dough on the crispy side, I always bake the dough for 10 mins. BEFORE adding the sauce and toppings. Go by your preference!**

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Add your topics of choice and bake for an additional 10 mins. or till the cheese has melted

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This recipe is so versatile, quick and easy to make. I’m not the best baker but even I can do this. Spring and Summer is right around the corner and this will be a fun one to make on the grill with kids or even entertaining with adults! Pop open some bottles of Wine or Beer and you have a budget friendly dinner party : )


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