The day that the Whole30 Great Value Freezer meals became available I filled my online cart for pickup and sang praises to the internet! 

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Walmart Whole30 Frozen Meals Review

The convenience, the quality, the price point -- I'm SOLD. These are a regular part of my pickup order and these Whole30 frozen bowls literally save the day when I haven't prepared well and need a quick, healthy, Whole30 compliant meal. My kids will even throw a meal in the microwave when they are looking for something easy.  

If you've done a Whole30 before you know that when you are unprepared or short on time things can get crazy. That's where these freezer meals come in. Having a few of these meals stashed away is a must for anyone on a Whole30. 

I've been ordering these for 3 or 4 months now.  I have experienced an occasional packaging snafu.  In total I've had 5 or 6 frozen bowls where the plastic over the bowl has come loose in the packaging exposing the frozen food. 

When it comes to the varieties, I've tried them all! Scroll through this gallery for a flavor by flavor breakdown and ingredient lists starting with my very favorites up front! 

Whole30 Approved Walmart /Great Value Meals

Chicken Coconut Curry

Harvest Vegetables & Chicken

Butter Chicken

Mediterranean Inspired Chicken

Orange Chicken & Vegetables

Rosemary Chicken

Barbecue Chicken & Vegetables

Spinach Pesto Chicken & Vegetables

More from our friends at Whole30 HERE! 

Over the last few years, many Whole30 convenience products (like meat sticks, condiments, and sauces) have entered the market, but because of their price point, they are often seen as luxuries for those shopping on a budget. Our goal with this initiative was to make Whole30 products more accessible for our entire community.

- Melissa Hartwig

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