Veteran’s Day Camouflage Cupcakes

I am a military and hunter’s wife, so these cupcakes fit right into our family.
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What you will need:

For a group of 5-12 people: 1 Chocolate Cake Mix, 1 Vanilla Cake Mix, 2 White Icings (I Used Vanilla– I like the flavor the best).

You won’t stop at eating one.

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Take 2 bowls. Put chocolate cake in one and the vanilla in the other. Make as directed. Then, divide the batter into 4 bowls. (2 white, 2 chocolate).

1st bowl- All white cake

2nd bowl- white cake with 5 drops of food coloring. If it’s too light add 1 drop of green and mix till you get the green you want.

3rd- Equal parts of white and chocolate mix. Add white or chocolate mix to get the color of light brown you want. Mine was 2 C chocolate and 1 1/2 c white.

4th- All Chocolate cake

Line your cupcake tins and fill liners 3/4 full

–Here is the trick–

Get 4 Tablespoons out and use these to fill your liners. This process takes a while but trust me it helps.

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To get this swirl action, is where the 4 Tablespoons come in handy.

1st drop 1 tablespoon of chocolate

then 1 tablespoon of light brown

then 1 tablespoon of green

then last, 1 tablespoon of white.

Use a toothpick and swirl till you get the look you want.

**Surprise inside cupcakes: If you want to add a chocolate center, buy a bag of plain chocolate eggs and freeze them. Add them into the cupcake before baking and they will melt inside the cupcake**

Bake as directed and cool on a wire rack.


Let your cupcakes cool completely. If you try to spread frosting on a warm cupcake the tops will come apart.

Divide your icing into 3 bowls

1st white

2nd white with 5 drops of green food coloring and 1 tablespoon of coco powder (I like dark chocolate coco powder)

3rd white and 1 tablespoon of coco powder

3 small pastry bags OR 3 snack size zip lock bags

Use a spatula or spoon to put frosting into bags. If using zip lock bag, snip the end with a VERY small snip.

Put all 3 bags together and and frost the cupcakes.

I didn’t frost the whole cupcake, just the center. I wanted to show off the swirls.

Homemade frosting/Icing

2 Cups Powder Sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1-3 Tablespoons of Milk (Start with 1 Tbsp. and mix. Add more milk to thin icing out to the consistency you want)

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Yummy for all!