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Easter Dress-Inspired Vanilla Petal Cake

Anyone else have a cake obsession? An Easter dress inspired this Vanilla Petal Cake perfect for the holiday.

My daughter and I were shopping for a new Easter dress and found this pastel-striped ribbon dress at Gymboree. It looked like a yummy cake to me!

When I read Robin's great tutorial for making a Petal Cake on Bird on a Cake, I knew I had a cake to try. Why not for Easter?

Gymboree Ribbon Stripe Duppioni Dress Inspiration

I love pastels, especially in the spring, AND I knew I'd found a great color scheme for a Petal Cake. I considered using all the pastels in the cake, but simplified to a more Spumoni-style color scheme. I love the simple lines and the repeated patterns of this cake decorating technique.

Vanilla Petal Cake

I used my favorite Vanilla Cake recipe since I knew it would make a cake dense enough to support a little more frosting. I tinted the cake layers with spring green and pale pink food coloring gels, leaving the middle layer white.

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Vanilla Petal Cake Top

Next time, I may flavor the cake layers with cherries or pistachios to make it a more official Spumoni-style dessert. Anyone else have a cake obsession? What kind of cake do you crave?

See the full Petal Cake Tutorial here.

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