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Tuna Salad Nicoise

Tuna Salad Nicoise
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When I left for a 4 day Hawaiian triathlon vacation, my husband asked that I stock the kitchen full of food before my departure.  As if I didn’t have a million other things I needed to do.  So I took the February 2013 copy of Cooking Light magazine, tabbed a few great recipies I thought he would like, bought all the ingredients and stuffed the fridge full.

Upon my return, a good majority of the food remained in the refridgerator and the conversation went a little like:

Me: “What did you eat while I was gone?”

Husband: “Lots of salads, mainly lettuce.”

Me:  “What?”

Husband:  “I lost 4lbs!!!!”

With that said, I had some cooking to do.  Last night, I flipped through the magazine and decided to make the Tuna Salad Nicoise.  It was absolutely delicious!  It took some time to cook each of the ingredients, but it was worth the wait!  I got the delicious tuna steaks at Costco for $12.99 a pound.

We did make a few substituations like:

Added a lot more lettuce (for the lettuce hound – AKA my husband)

Black olives instead of kalamata olives soaked in oil

No red onion

No capers

The side by side photos look almost identical (yes I just tooted my own horn):

Cooking Light’s: 

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Check out Cooking Light’s recipie here.

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