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Try it! Freezer Meals

Football practice, soccer practice, scouts, PTA, piano and guitar lessons, and homework.
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Fall is upon us and has brought it’s CRAZINESS! So if I don’t have dinner made by 3 o’clock then my poor family is eating granola bars, string cheese, and fruit. I knew our schedule would be INSANE, so I took a week and stock piled my freezer with a month’s worth of dinners.

I picked meals that were easy, meals I knew would freeze well.  Meals like Argentine Empanadas, BBQ Pork sandwiches, Chicken Pot Pies, Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, and Our Best Bite’s Beef Taquitos.

We eat about 2-3 freezer meals a week, my only qualm about the above meals is they are not that healthy.

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I think next time I’ll try Ring Around The Rosie’s Healthy Freezer Meals.

Mama and Baby Love also have GREAT, healthy freezer meal ideas.

Over the big moon have Chicken Freezer Meals  that are super fast to put together.

The down side to freezer meals is that you feel like you are in the kitchen for a week, the upside you have meals for a month. In my book that is totally worth it. Upside wins!!


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Freezer Meals

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