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Totally New TCBY

Totally New TCBY
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The other night at a fabulous cupcake cooking class hosted by Thanksgiving Point (check out Marcel Walker’s post), Sara, the chef said she was trying to figure out what the next big dessert craze would be.  We’ve been coo-koo for cupcakes for awhile now, so what’s next?  Nothing came to mind immediately.

And then it hit me as I walked into the totally new TCBY shop in Sugarhouse that we all know what the next craze is – and it’s Fro-yo! We’ve been going crazy for the new tart frozen yogurt that is popping up all over the Wasatch Front in our family.

Now for me, when I think of TCBY I think of the shop in Cottonwood Mall in Jr. High. I’d get chocolate with Reeses Peanut Butter cups every time (and of course like any decent Jr. High kid would do, I would ask for an inordinate amount of samples before choosing).

In honesty, TCBY hadn’t been much on my radar since then.  But I’ll tell you this – after checking out their new digs I’ll been frequenting their fine establishment on a regular basis!

A picture is worth 1,000 words – so I’ll let those do most of the talking!

Let’s start with the front door . . .

How appropriate to see the reflection of a Swagger Wagon in the parking lot 🙂

And on to the interior

(and because I love good design I have to give some serious shout outs toStruck Axiomand their mad design skillzzz.  Look how beautiful everything is!)

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Loving all of the bright colors!

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The yogurt station - you have the option to mix 2 flavors in every spot! (I mixed the two tart flavors: Pomegranate and Classic Tart)

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The Mix-In’s

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The Healthy Ones (check out the Strawberry Moshi in the bottom right - very yummy rice based fruit-snack-like-marshmallow thing)

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The rest of your options . . . (yes Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are still there)

And of course, my creation!

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I think it weighed 2 pounds!

What 2 pounds of yogurt will cost you . . .

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The key is to have some self control.

And if you need a drink . . .

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This crazy contraption serves up over 100 different kinds of soda! Snap!

So there you go.  If you are looking for a fun frozen adventure this Pioneer Weekend you should definitely check out the new TCBY in Sugarhouse (across from the dollar movies).  They are just opening and I know they have lots of good promotions going on (which I will follow up and and add to this post).  In the meantime, enjoy!


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