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Toblerone Shortbread Bars

I LOVE Toblerone. Everything about it is amazing. I love the triangle packaging. I love the swiss milk chocolate. I love the little bits of honey and almond nougat goodness. I used to buy Toblerone ALL the time, but I had to put the brakes on myself, so it's become more of a Christmas stocking item at this point.

My daughter also loves Toblerone. Once during a conference call when she decided to have a massive meltdown, I (and let me warn you this is an amazing and spectacularly poor parenting moment) out of desperation handed her a Toblerone bar. The rest of the call was very peaceful and she was very sticky.

Combine all of the goodness that is Toblerone with shortbread bars and you have mouth magic. Plain and simple. Click here for a recipe for Toblerone Shortbread Bars from Blooming on Bainbridge. Enjoy!

Image from Blooming on Bainbridge

Image from Blooming on Bainbridge

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