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The Last Ten Pounds

Oh, how the last ten pounds have eluded me. I’ve had it on my “to-do” list for over two years.
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I keep on telling myself when my baby slept through the night, then I can work out. Well, after my baby turned two, I decided that it had been long enough (She’s nearly two and a half and still doesn’t sleep through the night on a regular basis). Last summer I did Insantity and I lost 7 lbs, only to gain them back once I actually went on my summer vacation. Oh, that can drive one insane! I was very frustrated, why was my body taking such comfort in the pillowy folds of my flesh? The important thing I realized was not to be overwhelmed and give up.

Step one was consistency. I have been consitently getting back to working out. I got a gym membership at the beginning of the school year and have set the goal to go three times a week. There have been a number of set backs since I set this goal, from injury to illness, but the key is not giving up. Once we make one missstep, we then think all is lost and give up all together. Don’t do this. Keep things in perspective. I look forward to working out as a time for me, away from family and work. It’s a time to recharge my body and mind.

Step two was making small changes in my diet. I have decided to be more consious of what I eat when at home during the day. I work from home and often lose time and forget to eat, and then I realize I’m starving so I eat anything. I made a plan to have oatmeal, granola, or a cup of herbal tea for breakfast each morning. I then have a salad for lunch. I’ve bought several salad fixings so that I can add vairety. And, I really do love a good salad. It was really helpful to have a plan, that way I was not guessing what I should eat and choosing the wrong thing.

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Step three was keeping track of how much water I consume. I really don’t drink enough water. I do enjoy a good glass of oj or herbal tea, but mostly I just forget to drink good old h2o. I have to make a consious effort to do so. I put the water at the top of my “to-do” list each day and then I make a check each time I drink a glass.Re-cap on How I lost the last ten pounds:

  • Eat the same thing each day. Ok I know that variety is the spice of life, but this is not forever. It’s a way to meet a goal in a reasonable time. I have been eating mostly oatmeal for breakfast, and a salad for lunch each day. I change up the type of oatmeal and salad to give me some excitement, but I genuinely like both things. You might not like either, I encourage you to find something healthy you could eat each breakfast and lunch.
  • I then eat whatever everyone else is eating for dinner. My youngest has a gluten intolerance, so I usually eat what she is having, just to keep things low carb. I just eat things in moderation. Instead of a big helping I have a medium helping and just one serving. I got into the habit of large portions in college when I was playing sports because my body did need the extra calories. Now, not so much. I definitely don’t feel deprived, because I’m still eating yummy things, just less of it.
  • Do something everyday. It might be a 3 mile run, walking the kids to park, or going to a spin class. I just try to find ways to not make it feel like a chore. I live in a warmer climate so I enjoy going out in the sunshine in the winter months and exercising.
  • Let go. Don’t get caught up in numbers. I think it’s easy to bail if you’re not perfect. So, don’t make too many rules for you to break.
  • Stay positive, ask for help. I set a goal everyday that I know I can meet. I often focus on how much water I will drink for the day, or how much time I will spend exersizing. I love “to-do” lists, so I just stick my goal on my list for each day.

It’s truly the small things that can make the biggest difference. Nothing I have done has radically changed my life style, but I do feel remarkably better and my clothes now fit the way they should. Just remember to make a decision to do something each day and then do it!


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