The Easiest Way to Remove Stems From Strawberries

It’s summer and that means strawberry season is in full swing!
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 If you’re kids are like mine, they love to dig into the strawberries.  But it’s always annoying to cut off the little green stems.  So I figured out this little trick and now they are able to de-stem their own strawberries!

Here’s what you do…

  1.  Get some of these frozen drink straws.  Plastic straws will also work, but they aren’t quite as sturdy so they may not work as well.
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  1.  Get your washed strawberry and place the straw at the bottom (opposite end of the stem).
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  1.  Firmly push the straw through the berry until it pops the top off.
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  1.  There you have it!  A perfectly stemmed strawberry.
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P.S.  I couldn’t find the metal straws in stores so I ordered mine on Amazon.