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The Communal Brunch That Changed Breakfast Forever

The Communal Brunch That Changed Breakfast Forever
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If you’re anything like me, you work your buns off all week long and when the weekend comes, you want to feel like you are living life, not merely waddling through it. Weekends are moments that we get to reconnect with family and friends that we’ve been hurrying past all week long. It’s relaxation and fun. Everyone should take a moment and decide to have a perfect weekend. No chores. NONE. No fighting, no work, no stress. Just perfection. Would you like me to tell you how? It all starts at a gorgeous little place called Communal.

Continue reading to discover some of the BEST food that Utah has to offer, and I speak nothing but the truth. This is a must if you are in Utah.

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Friends, I’d like you to meet Brunch. Yup, that’s right, brunch. (Well, the photo above is actually of gorgeous German Pancakes, but they are part of this “brunch” thing.) You see, long ago and still in certain areas, brunch is amazing. It’s a great opportunity to slow down for a moment and enjoy a little something. What happened to that? Now we barely even eat breakfast, let alone brunch. In fact, as a little girl I always wanted to have a little brunch party. It just seemed like a beautiful way to start the day.

Here’s the thing though, brunch can be made anywhere, but we are going for the “Perfect start to your weekend”, right? So that means we have to have the perfect brunch, and it’s not at your mom’s house, though if you go even just once you’ll discover that you’ve just been adopted into a new family. And that includes the other customers.

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Why You NEED a Communal Brunch

Well, the first thing is obvious, a bowl of bacon.  Mmmmm, bacon. Ok, it’s not just the bacon, but here’s why the bacon is important.

  • Communal only uses high quality meats. If it’s not taken care of, fresh, and high quality (you’re not going to find pumped-full-of-who-knows-what meat like your local supermarket here) they won’t use it. Period. If you have not ever had meat that is well cared for you have never had meat. I’m not exaggerating, and I’ll repeat this often… humanely raising the animals produces better quality meats that literally taste better than all the rest.
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  • Communal Uses Fresh, seasonal, local produce. I won’t lie, I will miss some of the dishes when they are gone for the season, but I love that Communal is willing to do that. In order to use products that are readily available, from our own community and that will always be fresh (as in used before 48 hours!) Communal sticks to seasonal dishes. Hello spinach that was just picked this morning! Again, things taste better when they are fresh.
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  • Communal is Family. I’m not kidding. They have so much attention to detail and as soon as you walk in, be ready to feel better inside, and it’s not just from the food. Communal refers to coming together as a community, talking, sharing, building relationships. This is true for how Communal uses all local resources, takes care of you as if you are their dear friend, as well as the other patrons who are willing to talk and share with you. I love that everyone is meant to come together.
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  • Communal has atmosphere and ridiculously good food. This place is beautiful and full of natural light. Huge windows, beautiful wood, and gorgeous lighting. Perfection. The food is even more perfect. Oh my heavens, just look at that biscuit with fried chicken, the best blasted gravy ever, and, wait for it… CHEESE. Oh, how I love cheese. All melty and gooey. *sigh* Seriously though, brunch was amazing.

How to Get to Communal

Communal is located in Provo, Utah.

Historic Downtown Provo

102 N. University Ave.

Provo, UT 84601

(801) 373-8000

And make sure that you make a reservation! It just guarantees  you a spot. 😉

What to Order

I got the baked egg-HEAVEN. And I never, ever order eggs. I’m more a fruity girl. It was to die for. The tomato sauce and chorizo- it blew my mind.

The hubby got the Biscuit and Chicken Sandwich- I can taste it now as I type. It’s the bomb diggity, and I never throw that word out there. EVER. Buttery, flaky biscuit, smooth and creamy gravy, crispy-juicy chicken and again-cheese, glorious cheese.

 Final Thoughts…

Listen, the point is, well two things, clearly I am a bit in love with Communal brunch and I cannot wait to go back for lunch and dinner, but more importantly, it’s our new favorite and you are going to love it too. Just go. Plan a hot date with your loved one, or a fun brunch with the ladies. I promise you’ll come back renewed and refreshed. If I were you, I’d make a reservation (you do need to call ahead, this place is little and popular!) and ask if there will be a spot at the bar. You can watch the chefs do their thing and talk with them. They are wonderful and completely made our experience, as did Chris, the manager. He’s awesome. For rizzle. 😉

Communal kindly paid for my meal, but all opinions are whole heartedly my own.


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