The Best Darn Root Beer Float Ever

Trust me, it’s not good, it’s gourmet good.
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The best darn root beer float ever, is so good, next time you’re offered a root beer float at a gathering where they use average tasting 2 liter root beers, and generic vanilla ice cream, you will reject it. Yes, you will. Once you’ve had the best darn root beer float ever, why would you ever want anything less than divine? Soon you’ll be a root beer float snob too.

The recipe is simple.

Henry Weinhards Root Beer + Haagen Dazs Vanilla BEAN ice cream. *Not the plain Jane vanilla, the fancy vanilla BEAN flavor.

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  1. First stick a glass in your freezer for a minute or two. Chilled glasses just add the perfect bit of ambiance to enjoying an ice cold root beer float.
  2. Pop open a bottle of chilled Henry Weinhards root beer. Tilt the glass as you pour that bad boy in. Tilting helps to minimize the foam.
  3. Then open up the Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean ice cream, and add two luscious scoops. (Or add more, depending on how creamy, and how large your glass is.)
  4. Slide in a straw, sip slowly, and savor it. Pat yourself on the back for creating the best darn root beer float ever.
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​You’re welcome.