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Thanksgiving Yam Casserole

A few years ago, my husband’s Aunt Jodi, whipped up a Thanksgiving Yam casserole that was TO DIE FOR. I think I may have licked my plate clean. In my defense, this was before I had kids and I may have had too many pre-dinner Fat Tire’s.

Moving on.

When I finally became pregnant with my girl, I became obsessed with those Yams. I didn’t get her recipe, but I found one that I dare say, is even better! (Why didn’t I just get her recipe? Because I was pregnant and my brain was broken.

Yummy Yam Casserole from

Photo via

Photo via

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(I crush the pecans and sprinkle them on top, rather than arranging the halves in some sort of uniform pattern. Sprinkle = quick and easy. Arrange = Time I don’t have.)

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Photo via This Week for Dinner

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