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Sweet and Sour Pork

I love Chinese takeout
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Unfortunately for me I don’t have a great Chinese restaurant nearby. So in the time it would take me to drive to the nearest good Chinese place I can have dinner made – quicker and less expensive.

So that’s what I did the other night.

Chinese New Year is coming up in a few weeks, Feb. 3 to be exact so if you want to celebrate, today’s recipe would be a great thing to have for dinner. This is the year of the Rabbit.

I was born in the year of the Rat – always thought that was funny. I always loved reading about the Rat on the paper placemat at our favorite chinese restaurant. The rat is “ambitious yet honest, prone to spend freely. Seldom make lasting friendships.” Liked the first part, not the second part.

I have used both pork tenderloin and a nice lean pork chop for the recipe. I love the pork tenderloin the best but it is more expensive. The thing I like most about this recipe is how pretty it is – the colors are amazing! It is both pretty and delicious. The perfect combination.

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If you don’t care for pork this recipe would also be great made with chicken. Most sweet and sour pork dishes you get at a restaurant are heavily breaded and fried. You usually end up with more breading than meat. This recipe calls for a light coating of corn starch and then a quick fry in some oil. Nice and light – no heavy breading.

Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year!

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Chinese takeout menu item is???

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Sweet and Sour Pork

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1 lb. pork tenderloin or pork chop, cubed

1/4 C cornstarch

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3 Tbsp sesame oil, divided

1 large can pineapple chunks

2 Tbsp soy sauce

1 red bell pepper, chopped

1 green bell pepper, chopped

4 green onions, sliced

1/2 C hoisin sauce

1/2 Tbsp Asian chili garlic sauce

1 Tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted

Coat pork in cornstarch.

Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in wok or frying pan over medium heat and cook pork in taches until browned. Remove pork and set aside.

Drain pineapple and reserve 1/4 cup of juice. Add the juice and the soy sauce to the pan and stir to loosen up the browned pieces on the bottom of the pan.

Add remaining oil and stir fry pineapple, peppers and green onions for about five minutes or until the peppers are tender but just crisp.

Add together the hoisin sauce and chili garlic sauce and add to pan. Add pork back in and stir for about 5 minutes. Serve over hot rice. I prefer jasmine or basmati.

Sprinkle with toasted seasme seeds.


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