Sushi At Stonebriar Centre – Wasabi

Sushi At Stonebriar Centre – Wasabi
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If you shop at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, you may have noticed construction on the first floor behind the main elevator. For months they have been working to bring in a new and somewhat odd way to have a meal. The new restaurant is called Wasabi,and as you can probably tell by the name, they specialize in sushi.

What makes this odd? Well, besides the fact that you are front and center where EVERYONE walking by stares directly at you and watches you while you eat, your food passes by you on a conveyer belt. Yes, you read that correctly. A conveyer belt.

Each entre is on a color coded plate. Each color is priced differently. As you are sitting at your table, you basically grab a plate that looks appetizing. You can grab as many or as few plates as you wish. The waiter will then add up the colors, and you will be billed accordingly. Each plate has 2-6 pieces of sushi on them. There are other items too, like appetizers and desserts.

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Each plate is color coded and labeled, so you know what you are getting.

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Eel is $5.

Prices are as follows:


Orange- $3

Red- $3.50

Blue- $4

Purple- $5

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Wasabi also offers menu items for those who are not fans of sushi.  Regular Japanese food items, salads, and soups are able to be ordered, just note that you will have to wait a while.  There is also a kid menu.  Kid items come in bento boxes.  They can chose from teriyaki chicken with rice and fruit or peanut butter and jelly “sushi rolls” with rice and fruit.  This has be to ordered, and again, it may take some time to get it.

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So, what did I think about Wasabi?  I enjoyed it.  I wasn’t too keen on being watched as I ate, but the food was really good.  I love sushi, and it is by no means the best I’ve ever had, but it was pretty good (I did have to request more wasabi.  For a place named after the spicy green goo, they sure don’t give you much).  I would eat there again and again.  Best part, the kids loved their meal.  That right there is enough to get me back.