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Super Sliders Recipe

You guys. These Super Sliders from No Biggie are amazing. AMAZING.


You guys. These Super Sliders from No Biggie are amazing. AMAZING.

I made them last night and my husband and I can’t stop talking about them. So easy. So quick. So delicious that we didn’t speak during dinner...we were too busy savoring. 

Image via No Biggie

Image via No Biggie

This recipe is for a crowd (24 sandwiches), so I quartered it (6 sandwiches) and it was perfect for our little family. I got nuts and made half with sharp cheddar and they were great. Since a Costco run wasn’t in my plans, I just picked up a bag of soft dinner rolls at the grocery store bakery.

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Go make these. Prepare for your family to fling themselves at your feet in adoration.

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