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Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

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There’s a holiday coming up that calls for fireworks, BBQ, ice-cold beverages, and enough food to feed a crowd.

For some of you, this may mean that you’ll tackle the traditional berry-laded flag cake. Or possibly create amazing tri-colored concoctions of the Jell-O variety.

If so, I salute you. I learned long ago that I am better off if I steer clear of any food preparation that requires organizing fruit or creating uniform layers of gelatin.

Instead I will be taking advantage of my slow cooker and whipping up this Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake from Cheeky Kitchen.

Image via Cheeky Kitchen

Image via Cheeky Kitchen

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Warm chocolate cake with ice cream and sparklers?

Now that’s a 4th of July tradition that I can get behind.

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