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Six Yummy Cherry Tomato Recipes You Should Try

I grew something in my garden that is rapidly filling my refrigerator and freezer.
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Cherry tomatoes are everywhere. When the seed packet says Super Sweet 100, it really means you will have hundreds and hundreds by the end of the growing season.

I have eaten bags of them while out at the park, I have frozen quart sized bags of cherry tomatoes for the winter, and yet, I still have blossoms on my five plants.

Lesson learned: my family probably doesn’t need five cherry tomato plants.

Here are a six of our favorite, and mostly easy, cherry tomato recipes.

My Favorite Cherry Tomato Recipes

1.Ina Garten’s Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta via Oprah

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I made this for a party last week and will gleefully attest to the crostini being the first thing gone at the buffet table. It’s a crowd pleaser!

2.Grilled Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kebabs via Skinnytaste

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3.Tomato Cobbler via Martha Stewart

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While very savory and filling, we usually serve the cobbler alongside some sort of meat dish.

4.Ina’s Capellini with Tomatoes and Basil via House Beautiful

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made “Ina’s spaghetti” as I’ve nicknamed it. It’s super easy and always tasty. In my next life I’d like to be BFF with Ina.

5.Chicken with Tomato Herb Pan Sauce via Cook Like a Champion

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6.Oven Dried Tomatoes via Cook Your Dream

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Once our larger tomatoes start ripening in full, I’m hoping to cross something more off our summer bucket list– canning. I’ve rounded up a few friends who either know about canning or want to know about canning, and I think between us we’ll conquer it!

Do you have cherry tomato recipes you’d like to toss in the ring as possibly the best ever? Please share!

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