Sexy Sasa for Valentine’s

Sasa is a chic and unique Japanese-fusion restaurant located on Walnut Creek’s Main Street.
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The ambience is relaxed without the sparseness of complete Zen—altogether, a great place for a drink, generous portions of sushi and an unexpected palate of delicious delights.

My hubby and I went for our wedding anniversary, and were treated to a couple glasses of celebratory champagne and a menu printed with ‘Happy Anniversary!!’ (I saved it—in case I ever get around to scrapbooking in my mythical ‘spare time.’)  The staff was sweet, too, by getting in on the act and placing a rose on the table, which my dear hubby dropped off earlier in the afternoon.  So by scoping out the place on our anniversary, we found it to be an excellent romantic choice for Valentine’s Day; I only wish I could book the babysitters for the 14th as well.

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Sasa’s Chef Philip Yang has put together a sumptuous Valentine’s Love Menu for Two, including mains of lobster and beef sirloin, and complemented by a mix of sushi.  Now, let’s for a moment consider sushi: if you like sushi and are used to buying it at a little sushi place or packaged fresh from places like Whole Foods, that’s nice, but you haven’t really lived sushi until you try this stuff.  The nigiri (sushi by the piece that sits chillin’ on top of a slab of rice, not the rolls) is about the size of your fist, with a chunk of delicious raw fish an inch thick.  This is sushi for hedonists.

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The best surprise on the menu is the broccoli.  Yes, that’s right, if you go to Sasa, you must order the Spicy Broccoli.  It is pan-roasted to perfection, tossed with garlic, chili flakes and lemon zest and will fulfill your dietary requirement for at least 2 servings of vegetables—4 if you order a plate of it all to yourself, which you should.  I swear, the broccoli is divine.   We finished our meal off with the Green Tea Crème Brulee, which is more crème brulee than green tea—mildly sweet, rich and heavenly.  I wanted a second one, but my husband managed to hold me back, reminding me that I wasn’t eating for three anymore, after giving birth to twins.

Make reservations early, because Sasa is very popular, and because everyone wants something beyond the gag-y sweet romance cliche.  Sasa is sexy and so is the food, especially if you share a little something sweet at the end of dinner… I mean dessert, of course.

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1432 N. Main Street

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(925) 210-0188