Roasted Maple Dijon Brussel Sprouts

This recipe is an oldie but goody in my house.
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If you think you don’t like Brussel Sprouts I strongly urge you to try this recipe. I started making this recipe about a year ago when I was trying to get my family to expand their vegetable taste buds. Brussel Sprouts have always been the dreaded vegetable in many homes throughout the years but I always tell my children if they don’t like the taste of something try it in a new way and they may be surprised. 

Baking vegetables brings out the natural sweetness in them and with summer right around the corner these would be perfect to put a vegetable pan right on the grill and you have a simple side dish.  The secret, however, is in the sauce! Start by trimming the ends off fresh Brussel Sprouts and tossing with Olive Oil and Sea Salt. Bake at 375 degrees for approx. 30 minutes or until brown and tender.

While sprouts are roasting, mix 1/4 cup. Pure Maple Syrup, pinch of Sea Salt, 2 TBSP. Olive Oil, and 2 squirts of Dijon Mustard – I know I’m so accurate but what’s the fun in that? Eyeball and adjust to your taste!

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Pour the mixture over the warm sprouts and toss. Serve immediately and enjoy : )

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