Relish! makes dinner simple and delicious. For only $7 a month, subscribers download comprehensive weekly menus, recipes and shopping lists. Menus contain entrees and side dishes, along with easy-to-follow grocery lists. The simple gourmet meals take 30 minutes or less to prepare.

Relish! is a subscription-based menu service founded in 2004 by two busy mothers - Karen Hutcherson and Ann Bender - who seek to inspire
and assist busy cooks everywhere. Relish! subscribers enjoy delicious, affordable menus and meals, along with “real life” information
designed to foster good, healthy eating habits and relaxing moments around the dinner table. For more information, go to



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Favorite Family Recipes

What started as a way for a bunch of siblings to share meal ideas, Favorite Family Recipes has turned into a great site for family friendly recipes that you can rely on to make healthy and simple dinners for your gang.

Bring Back the Dinner Hour

Groundbreaking studies reveal family meals help kids thrive. Johnny is headed to the ball field, grabbing a burger on the way. Jane is at the computer, clicking through MySpace and eating a bag of chips. Dad is working late again. And Mom is harried as she idles at the drive-thru for another windshield meal. What's happened to the family dinner?


Freeze Frame

Karen Hutcherson and Ann Bender, founders of Relish!, share tips on how to whip up a batch of freeze ahead meals.

Six Savory Meals with Minimal Assembly Required

Do you associate a quick and easy meal with fast food and microwaveable dinners? Well, if that’s the case, it’s time to get up to speed –Women’s Health cooks up SIX savory meals with MINIMAL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED included in the April issue on newsstands now! It all boils down to PRE-PACKAGED FOODS – these items may be more expensive at the checkout line, but these days time is money – at the end of a long work day, it’s worth every penny!