Reindeer Donuts

I planned to make a delicious chocolate cake I spied on Pinterest for our work potluck today.
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However, life being what it is, I got sidetracked. I had dinner plans, ran our daughter to dance lesson and then went pant shopping for our littlest. By the time we got home, we were exhausted.

My girls were eager to help and I wasn’t about to disappoint them. I went ahead and took out the chocolate prepackaged mini donuts and laid them out on a serving plate. Then, I proceeded to have my girls put icing on the red peppermint M&Ms for the reindeer noses. They put extra frosting on the white M&Ms and pretzels to form the face.

Voila! We got a little messy, but had fun putting these together. It took us no more than 20 minutes to put these together.

Hopefully, I’ll have more time this weekend to begin my holiday baking.


–          Prepackaged chocolate mini donuts

–          Chocolate frosting

–          Red & White M&Ms (any flavor)

–          Pretzels

 – Cool Playground Mommy