Printable Grocery List

I’m always on the lookout for a great pre-printed grocery list.
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My addled brain has a tough time remembering stuff like toilet paper, tin foil…and occasionally milk and, you know, bread.

A list that allows me to just tick off the items I need without having to undertake the time-consuming process of writing out “sugar” is handy in a way I could’ve never imagined, pre-kids.

(Pre-kids: a time when you wander the aisles of the tiny, trendy, organic grocery store after work and ask yourself, “does it feel like a quiche kind of night?”)

But all shopping lists are not created equal. I’ve had some lackluster experiences, but this one from ellinee is perfect and designed for spring. The post even includes a tutorial on creating a pad of these handy little lists.


EO_summer bucket list

Erin’s Summer Bucket List

Erin's Summer Bucket List…everything from what we’re going to do, movies we’re going to see, food we’re going to eat, and crafts we’re going to enjoy.