Pork Chops and Apple BEER!

I stumbled across the best pork chops marinade at the grocery store. It was destiny!

We eat a ton of pork in our house. The cuts are versatile and the taste never disappoints. The key is to keep the preparation innovative; long gone are the days of the stiff, grey-colored mystery meat. As I was rolling through Harmon’s during my weekly shopping excursion, I came across a sample of Apple Beer. Apple Beer is made locally without preservatives, it is caffeine and alcohol free. The sampler was conveniently located across the aisle from the pork cuts.

As the fizzy, tart liquid swirled in my mouth I spotted a package of thick cut loin chops and had an epiphany.  Pork chops soaked in Apple Beer!  I can assure you it was a match made in heaven and beyond easy to do.


  • Get a big zip lock and dump in two bottles of Apple Beer.
  • Add the pork chops (I love Harmon’s pork) and seal it up for an hour or so in the fridge.
  • Salt and pepper the chops generously.
  • Grill or pan fry them until pink, about 4 minutes a side depending on the thickness.
  • For an extra Apple Beer kick, caramelize some onions and apples in another pan, add splashes of Apple Beer about four times to deglaze.
  • Pour on top of the chops.

Absolutely delightful!