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Peppermint Panache: The Perfect Holiday Party

A perfectly fabulous holiday dessert party around one of our favorite holiday treats, Peppermint. It’s easy, inexpensive and ultra festive.
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Guest Post from Karen Hutcherson and Ann Bender:

The holiday season is already stressful and expensive but it doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fantastic party! We’ve put together a perfectly fabulous holiday dessert party around one of our favorite holiday treat, Peppermint. It’s easy, inexpensive and ultra festive.

Peppermint martinis
Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps
Dipped candy canes
Assortment of nuts
Junior mint brownies
Red velvet cake
Peppermint bark gift bags

Peppermint striped tablecloth
Peppermint candles
Peppermint candies scattered on the table
Miniature poinsettias

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Click here to download the full party plan, shopping list and menu recipes.

Karen Hutcherson and Ann Bender are the busy moms behind Relish!, a meal planning service that helps busy families put wonderful meals on the table every night. No sloppy casseroles or expensive kitchen blunders. It’s everyday food...with a gourmet twist.


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