Penny Ann’s Heavenly Pancakes

We recently had the opportunity to appear on KSL early one morning to talk about local foods with Utah’s Own.
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I got to make a Baked Egg, which was inspired by thebrunch that we had at Communal awhile back, and I chose to use two of my favorites, La Nay Ferme produce and Christiansen Farm Maple Pork Sausage (the farm I actually discovered through Caputo’s, another sweet love of mine), and little did I know that a trip to Penny Ann’s cafe afterward was about to inspire new recipes.

Breakfast is Making a Comeback

I am all about breakfast lately. Growing up I could never survive without breakfast, but it was generally cereal, or my favorite, french toast. Oh, things have so changed. After filming the segment we drove down to Penny Ann’s where as soon as we hopped out of the car, (it’s still dark out, hello 7am daylight savings ridiculousness) we heard old time favorites playing on the radio and the whole world seemed sleepy and peaceful for a moment. It was lovely. We walked in, and immediately met Penny. She is a gem. A true gem. She immediately knew who we were and got us all cozied up in our booth. It’s a charming little restaurant that feels like you’ve been coming there since you were little, even on your first trip.

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A Melting Snowman Bring Pure Joy

This was the first thing brought to our table. The sweetest little “melting snowman” hot cocoa for my 6 year old. You guys (or girls, because let’s be honest women search these blogs more than men) this one cup of hot cocoa made. her. day. I’m not even kidding. This alone made the trip 100% worth it for us. And then, upon hearing our 2 year old so excited to see what her big sis was getting, she got one too. We didn’t even have to ask. She just brought it to her. That is one sweet owner.

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Heavenly Pancakes

But, who cares about that right? Let’s get to the real reason we are here… THE PANCAKES. Well, all of the food, but especially, THE PANCAKES. Geez, my eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach. The bacon was porky perfection. Cooked to a perfect crisp, not too greasy, and oh so wonderful. The pancakes were like heavenly clouds…oh, “Heavenly Pancakes” is exactly right. The name says it all. They are light, buttery and totally delicious. Crap, I’m totally craving pancakes and it’s 8:43 pm. Alright, I’m off for a midnight snack, and you best believe that I’m going to recreate the caramel banana pancakes from above.  Until then…

Penny Ann’s Cafe


Monday – Saturday

7am -4pm

1810 S. Main Street

SLC, UT 84115


801-935-4967 fax


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