Patriotic PUNCH

Patriotic PUNCH.
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I made this for the 4th of July party we had in our neighborhood and I will just tell you how FREAK’N excited I was about this drink. It was so cool, I was like a little kid in the candy store. giddy with excitment. My mom helped me with it so I wouldn’t mess it up and I was just so excited that it actually worked.

I am PROUD of my Red, white and blue punch. Take it easy, take it SLOW. The slower you go the better so that the colors stay separated. I found this recipe on what else…… Pinterest, which just might be the love of my life, sorry hun J/K. But seriously, everyone LOVED the drink. I needed more of all of it, the drink went faster then the dutch oven potato’s. I am definitely doing this punch again for the 24th of July, which I LOVE!! So when you check out the recipe, depending on how BIG your drink dispenser is buy more. With the dispenser pictured above, I needed A LOT more of everything. ENJOY!!