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Oreo Thins S'mores Recipe

That’s right. Oreo Thins S’mores. Mint Oreo Thins, no less!

Nutritional rules do not exist on vacations and camping trips. I didn’t save up all this money (vacation) and do all this packing (vacation/camping) and make all this pulled pork (camping) so that I could put my feet up and eat responsibly. 

Pre-camping grocery store runs are marked by such a uncharacteristic willingness on my part to say yes to all of the sugary treats and forbidden snacks that my children ask for during each visit, that they exit the store with a sort of euphoria that is typically only seen on Christmas morning.

So, heck yes, a pack of those Oreo Mint Thins landed in my cart…next to a bag of marshmallows and chocolate bars.

To my kiddo’s delight, the first night of the camping trip, I littered the table with S’mores ingredients, including the Oreo Thins.

After some trial and error we landed on the perfect Oreo Thins S’mores recipe.

Oreo Thins Smores step 1
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What You Need

  • Oreo Thins (Mint)
  • 1 Hershey Bar Square
  • 1 Marshmallow
Oreo Thins Smores step 2

Toast that marshmallow to your preference.

Oreo Thins S'mores

Smoosh that melted ‘mallow and the chocolate bar between two Oreo Thins and ENJOY!

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Oreo Thins S'mores (Try mint!)


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