Oreo Layer Dessert

Oreos are LEGIT.
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And so is this recipe. I found this on Pinterest awhile ago, and I’ve been DYING to try it. So when my friend and her little girl came over for a ladies dinner this past weekend, I wanted to give it a whirl. AMAZING. In fact, even typing this makes me want to go snag some of the leftovers from the refrigerator. For those of you who are still on the calorie counting resolution bandwagon, let it be known that I used reduced-fat Oreos, low-fat cream cheese, low-fat whipped cream and one percent milk in the Jello pudding. Practically healthy when you break it down like that, right?

Thank you to The Giant Blog of Cooking, Crafting and Other Fun Activities for this recipe that really made my life just a TEENSY bit better.