Neighbor Printable Chalkboard Holiday Gift Tags

Whether you’re planning on giving delicious baked-from-scratch goodies or a bit of pre-packaged cheer there is no question, that a fun printable gift tag is in order.

Our printable neighbor gift tags have strike the perfect balance between holiday cheer and sass. Because I’m of the opinion that the distribution of the neighborhood gifts happens in the home stretch. When we could all use a little levity.  

Favorite Neighbor Printable Chalkboard Holiday Gift Tags

Folks....the home stretch has arrived.

Whether you’re planning on distributing delicious baked-from-scratch goodies or a bit of pre-packaged cheer (like me) there is no question, that fun printable holiday gift tags are in order.

This editable PDF has a spot for you to add your last name...just in case you are worried that the term “Favorite Neighbors” won't immediately cause your name to spring to mind.

I am going to get a particular kick out of using these in our new neighborhood. We’ve lived here just over a month, but I think the time is right to throw down the gauntlet and let everyone know who they’re dealing with.

“Favorite. Neighbors.”

Favorite Neighbor Printable Chalkboard Holiday Gift Tags Preview

Download the full size file here. Add your name. Print. Add to gifts. Dazzle neighborhood.

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