Neighbor Gift - Classic Chex Mix

When your house is bursting with sweets during the holidays, something salty to snack on is heavenly. Classic Chex Mix is my husband's favorite neighbor gift to receive. Don't forget to add the Worcestershire sauce and mixed nuts or you may be busted for fraud. After 50 years of experience, I think the Chex people are on to something. If your sweet tooth is feeling left out, you can always try Muddy Buddies, a chocolaty cereal treat that your kids can help make.

Photo courtesy of chex.com

Photo courtesy of chex.com

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Chewy Chex Mix Recipe - TodaysMama.com

Chewy Chex Mix Recipe

This chewy Chex Mix Recipe combines your favorite s'mores flavors with crunchy nuts and coconut. What's not to love? PS Your neighbor might like some too!