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Need to stock up on Meat!

My cupboard, actually my freezer, is bare!
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I usually have a great amount of chicken breasts, chicken legs, fryer chickens, pot roasts, pork roasts, pork chops, steaks (well, not as much) and ground beef. With the unemployment we experienced from Feb – May, we used it ALL and I have nothing left!

My next shopping trip will be about 80% for meat. I will buy in bulk and break the meats down into smaller packages. For example, I will repackage the chicken breasts into 6 (size of my family) and the ground beef into 1 pound and 2 pound packages. Sometimes I will pre-cook my hamburger and freeze it that way to save time on the actual meal preparation.

With the 4th of July right around the corner I am sure I will find some great deals on meat. I want to cook more with the grill this summer to keep the heat out of my kitchen. Anyone have a great marinade for chicken for the grill? I bet Italian salad dressing makes a great marinade. Any other ideas?

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