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National Licorice Day - April 12th

Skip the shoe - Try eating a lace, or a rope! Celebrate National Licorice Day with these fun facts.

Looking for something to brighten up your Friday? Today is National Licorice Day!

We are licorice fans here! Watch out when we bust out the Red Vines.

Red Vines - National Licorice Day -

How do we enjoy our licorice? Let's see -

Tying in knots, whipping our siblings, drinking chocolate milk, dressing up gummy bears.. oh, and EATING!

Here are a few lesser-know facts about licorice that you can use to wow your kids (or your co-workers).

  • Licorice is unleavened bread, essentially, since it's wheat that's been sweetened, flavored and baked. (Red Vines still bakes licorice in a spiral oven right here in the 50 Nifty.)
  • King Tut was buried with gold, jewelry, his burial mask... and licorice root! His afterlife party needed a sweet drink made from it.
  • If you took all 60 million pounds of licorice made by Red Vines in a year, you'd have 400,000 miles of rope, enough to circle the earth 16 times.
  • Red Vines are kosher and vegan - bonus points!
  • Herbalists say you can use licorice root to quench your thirst, to stay alert and to treat a cold.
  • Charlie Chaplin ate his shoe in "Gold Rush" - but it was actually made of black licorice.
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Whether you love snaps, ropes, twists or shoes - Enjoy National Licorice Day!

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Note: The American Licorice Company provided facts and snitches but the opinions are all my own.


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