Movara Fitness Resort Review

Stretches, hiking, fitness classes, educational series, swimming, oh, and you eat too. 1200 calories a day. It's for real.
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Movara called and we said yes! Our winter workouts (or lack thereof) had us itching to bust out of our routine so we headed to Southern Utah to bust a move. Here's our Movara Fitness Resort review (You might also recognize it as the Biggest Loser Fitness Resort). We survived to tell the tale!

The Biggest Loser Resort Now Called Movara Fitness Resort

image via Movara Fitness Resort

Week Long Program

Here's a peek at a standard day at Movara. That's right. One day. Stretches, hiking, fitness classes, educational series, swimming, oh, and you eat too. 1200 calories a day. We were FREAKING OUT. But guess what? It actually felt like a lot of food. We learned a lot about what our bodies can do, how we prepare our food, and how to deal with the occasional bought of hangriness and the urge to emotionally eat our feelings. 

Hiking With the Movara Fitness Resort Program


Not ready for the whole week? Short on time? You can sign up for their new Mfit program which is a one day program that is a great sampling of everything that Movara has to offer. 

"Movara just recently launched a new one-day program called Mfit, which is offered on Saturdays. It essentially gives you a taste of everything that the one-week structured program has to offer. The day kicks off with a body assessment , followed by a delicious healthy breakfast, then a beautiful hike in the red rocks of Southern Utah.

Once you get back to the resort, you will enjoy a nutritious gourmet lunch, followed by additional fitness classes and a lecture.Wrap up your day with some much-deserved pampering with a spa service of your choice. Mfit is for every one of every age and fitness level and a perfect way to spend the day with friends, a spouse or a family member and, for all the caregivers out there, for a change, have someone take care of you.On that note, so many people are understandably looking for a physical, mental and emotional reset,and that is exactly what Mfit offers.One day. Every Saturday. Change your life with Mfit."

Our Movara Fitness Resort Review

The Food

1200 calories a day. You heard me right. 1-2-0-0 calories a day and you'll be pushing yourself physically all day long. Crazy right? I thought so. Here's the crazy part . . . I was eating all the food and doing all of the workouts and I WASN'T HUNGRY. The food was not only amazing, it was also perfectly prepared to see me through these big days. I learned a lot about quality calories (and I'd never really thought much about calories in the first place). 

Movara Menu 1200 Calories

The Workouts

You can read more about their fitness program HERE. We did all the things! Hiking, Zumba, Stretching, Circuit, Swimming, (and of course hot tubbing and steam rooming and spa'ing . . . that's a thing). It felt accessible for all fitness levels. You can Zumba your heart out, or side step it if you just can't find the rhythm (ahem . . . that's me). There's no judgement, all kinds of fitness levels, and all kinds of friendly help and motivation (no drill sargeants). 

The gym at Movara Fitness Resort

Movara Fitness Resort Packing List

They've got towels, the robes, the workout gear. Heck, leave your yoga mat AT HOME. Here's what you really need to bring:

  • Yoga Pants / Sweats
  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Swim Suit
  • Flip Flops
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Running Shoes / Cross Trainers
  • Camera / Chargers / Electronics
  • Vitamins and Medications
  • Sun Block
  • Hat
  • Layers

Don't worry about:

  • Hauling your own yoga mat
  • Dressy clothes (I didn't touch my jeans)
  • Food (All of your meals are covered, and don't even dream of sneaking treats in here . . . cheater!)

Movara Fitness Resort Discount

Want to go? You in? Mention Today's Mama when you call to book and you'll get $200 off your package. 


We're giving away the chance to spend a day at Movara with their new Mfit program. Check it out!

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