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One Hungry Mama

One Hungry Mama is a family friendly food blog that is filled to its bloggy gills with recipes, advice and information. I love that Stacie’s recipes and adaptations include recommended ages and in some cases, tips for how to make a recipe suitable for the developing digestive systems of babies. But make no mistake, this is a blog for all ages. One Hungry Mama had me at “Chocolate Chip Buttercream” and “Slow Cooker Apple Butter”. Yum!

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I’m in a New S’mores State of Mind

How to Make Crispy Bacon in the Oven

My Inner Mommy War, Part 2

The last thing I need is to have my sleep interrupted by kicks and squirms. But to be so close to my children, at the one time of day when they are too bleary to fight with each other, is priceless to me.