Mini Breakfast Bread Bowls

Mini Breakfast Bread Bowls
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I ran across this great idea over at Perfecting the Pairing for using stale dinner rolls and other random leftovers you might have: turn them into delicious breakfast bread bowls!

I love this idea for brunch, holiday meals, and entertaining. Here’s the scenario: you’ve got friends staying the weekend and a few rolls left over from dinner. After the guests go to bed, just fill those rolls with eggs and mix-ins like grape tomatoes, ham, herbs, and a little salt and pepper. Stash in the fridge and bake in the morning. The recipe would work even better if your rolls are a couple days old. What a useful and delicious idea!


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Mini Taco Bowls

Many parties will be taking place with the Super Bowl right around the corner (especially for those of us in Central PA!


Crowd Pleasing Breakfast Menu

If you’re accustomed to an on-the-go breakfast, take the cold cereal route, or WORSE, skip breakfast all together, the holidays are the perfect time to cozy up with something delicious in the morning.