Mardi Gras King Cake

Mardi Gras King Cake.
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I’d never heard of the King Cake growing up in California, but I knew I had to sample this colorful concoction since it’s available at nearly every grocery store.  I chuckled to myself and went as far as sharing a picture of the cake’s warning, “Caution! Non-Edible Baby Inside this Cake” to my Facebook wall. Which incidentally,  received a few interesting comments too!

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Apparently, if you get the plastic baby, it’s tradition and your responsibility to pick up next year’s King Cake.

Excitedly, we cut into the cake. It tasted like a mega iced up cinnamon roll (this was too sweet even for my two sugar loving kids).  I ended up slicing part of the cake (hoping it had the baby figurine) and storing it in the fridge. The next day after getting my slice, I was giddy. I got the cute and golden baby!

I guess we’ve just started a new tradition. Next year, the King Cake is on me.

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