March Madness Basketball Court Cookies

March Madness Basketball Court Cookies
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We are knee-deep in March Madness and if you have a few basketball fans in the house, I’ve got a fun and easy treat to share.  Basketball season ended for my 10 year old this past weekend,  and I offered to bring a special treat to our team dinner.  I was attempting to make these basketball cupcakes, but I knew my frosting and piping skills wouldn’t be up to par. So I came up with a better solution…

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What you’ll need:

white and/or chocolate candy melts (I get mine in the bulk section of our grocery store, but they are found at any craft store )

3″ sturdy sugar cookies (If you are using packaged cookies like I did, don’t get soft-baked, they need to be sturdy enough to not fall apart when you dip them in the candy melts.  And they can be any flavor really, peanut butter, molasses, etc.  Just not chocolate chip, you won’t have a nice, smooth surface.)

mini basketball chocolates (available at candy stores)

edible food marker in the color of your choice

I dipped my cookies, and laid them on a wax paper-covered cutting board so I could pop them into the fridge to set.  Once they set, I just drew on the lines with the food marker, then attached the candy basketball with a drop of candy melt.  You can totally have the kids draw the lines on their own cookies too.

Hubby pointed out after the fact about how I could add circles to the top to make it a more accurate court.  I gave him the “Oh no you didn’t…I just made these all by myself” glare.  Feel free to draw yours as you see fit, and voilà, you’ve now a batch of Basketball Court cookies that will be quickly snatched up like mine were.