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Make Your Own Kid-Friendly Yogurt

After shelling out big bucks on organic drinkable yogurt and “baby” yogurt cups I wanted to find a way to save some cash.

One of my daughter’s favorite foods is yogurt. But after shelling out big bucks on organic drinkable yogurt and “baby” yogurt cups I wanted to find a way to save some cash.

Making your own drinkable and flavored yogurt could not be easier!

For both, you’ll need add two items to your grocery list.

  1. Greek Yogurt
  2. Fruit Juice

To make drinkable yogurt simply toss a 1/4 cup of yogurt in the blender with a 1/2 cup of juice and blend until smooth. Feel free to adjust ratios to your liking, the key is that you create a drinkable consistency that the kiddo can slurp through a slippy cup or straw.

To make a bowl of flavored yogurt mix a 1/2 cup of yogurt with with a tablespoon of juice and stir until combined. I like to leave this mixture pretty thick so as to increase the likelihood that the yogurt will successfully make it from bowl to mouth without incident.

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Why Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is super thick and holds up well to adding juice especially when making a bowlful. I’ve found that using regular plain yogurt creates a really soupy consistency and then most of it ends up all over the front of my kiddo’s shirt. If you’re only interested in drinkable yogurt, then stick with regular plain yogurt and decrease the amount of juice when blending.


What kind of juice?

I use Pomegranate Blueberry from Naked Juice. If you don’t have this brand/variety in your store, any pomegranate juice will do. It’s has an intense/sweet flavor so it stands up to blending with a tart yogurt. Plus there isn’t any artificial garbage in it. My girl gets pink yogurt, I don’t have to feed her red food dye—everyone wins!


*No, I wasn’t paid by The Yogurt Growers Association or Naked Juice for this post.


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