Lucky Charms Cookies

Making Lucky Charms cookies is our idea of a great St. Patrick's Day treat!

Who can forget Lucky the Lucky Charms leprechaun mascot? Lucky Charms has had over 40 different limited edition marshmallows come and go since it first hit grocery store shelves in 1964 but the hearts, balloons, shooting stars, hourglass, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons and rainbows are here to stay. Let's face it, nothing screams St. Patricks Day like rainbows and horseshoes!

Check out this stellar recipe for Bottom of the Cereal Box Cookies from Betty Crocker. A pouch of sugar cookie mix, one stick of butter, an egg and three cups of Lucky Charms takes you to cookie nirvana.

making lucky charms cookies

Check out all of those horseshoes! This is the perfect St. Patricks Day class treat, and if you're feeling really crafty, use these bad boy to make St. Patricks Day ice cream sandwiches. Lucky the Leprechaun would be proud.

Lucky Charms Cookies

Lucky Charms!

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