Karina's Kitchen


Allergies are intimidating. But every time I turn around someone else has discovered that someone in their home is allergic to [insert extremely common item here]. Luckily there are wonderful resources available, such as Karina’s Kitchen, for gluten-free (and mouth-watering!) recipes and tips.


Kitchen and Kids

Kitchen and Kids is about all things that encompass my family's life and the life of all other cooking, home schooling, child rearing families out in the world. You will find recipes, funny stories, tidbits of information, random thoughts, etc... It is a new blog, so it has a lot room to sprout its wings and fly, all the while laughing.

Mississippi Kitchen

Lorie's Mississippi Kitchen

With a tagline like "Don't blame me if you get fat" we should have been warned. Instead, we're going back, again, to Lorie's sinfully delicious blog. Can't wait to try her Biscoff buttercream snickerdoodle whoppie pies. Oh, you read that right.